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About the Agency

The Purpose of the EBC Missions Agency:   The EBC Missions Agency (EBCMA) was established in 2021 as an Independent Fundamental Baptist Missions Agency designed to fulfill the instructions of our Saviour,  Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:18-20.  The purpose of EBCMA is to provide financial and related record management assistance to missionaries.  This enables missionaries to spend more time in their ministries and less time with routine record keeping.  Additional details are provided under “Operation of EBCMA” below.

The Doctrinal Statement EBC Missions Agency:  The doctrinal statement of EBCMA is identical with the doctrinal statement of Eggemoggin Baptist Church.  This doctrinal statement is available on the church website:   Missionaries desiring to utilize this ministry must agree with Eggemoggin Baptist Church’s doctrinal statement.

The Governmental Structure of EBC  Missions Agency:  An Assistant Treasurer of Eggemoggin Baptist Church serves as the Director of the Agency under the supervision of the Pastor and church Treasurer.  The Director of the EBC Missions agency will allow the Pastor and Treasurer of Eggemoggin Baptist Church access to the EBC Missions Agency records at all times.  The Director will provide a quarterly and annual financial report of all transactions within the EBC Missions Agency to the Eggemoggin Baptist Church Pastor and Treasurer.  The Director will provide a quarterly and annual financial report of the transactions within the “General Fund” of the EBC Missions Agency to the Eggemoggin Baptist Church members for each quarterly and annual meeting.  The Agency is a ministry of Eggemoggin Baptist Church and operates under the authority of that church.   The Pastor and Deacons of Eggemoggin Baptist Church will receive requests from missionaries desiring the assistance of the Missions Agency.  The Pastor and Deacons will review the requests and make decisions on whether or not to include a missionary under the Missions Agency.  The agency places a strong emphasis on local church authority.  Questions about EBC Missions Agency should be directed to the Pastor of Eggemoggin Baptist Church.  The Pastor’s contact information is on the church website:

Operation of EBC Missions Agency:  Funds from Eggemoggin Baptist Church and other outside sources which are designated for specific missionaries are received by EBCMA.  EBCMA has its own exclusive bank account where these funds are deposited.  The EBCMA bank account is identified as: “Eggemoggin Baptist Church, DBA “EBC Missions Agency”.  All EBCMA funds are thereby kept separated from other Eggemoggin Baptist Church funds.  Records are kept of all the funds received for each missionary and the source of the funds.  The record keeping is performed on a computer program designed for this purpose.  The information on this program is encrypted and has several layers of protection to ensure its confidentiality and security.  Those involved in the ministry of EBCMA receive no monetary compensation for their service.   All the funds received by EBCMA for a missionary go to that missionary.  EBCMA operates to provide the following services to missionaries:

  • Receive contributions designated for specific missionaries under EBCMA. Checks sent to EBCMA for a missionary are to be written payable to “EBC Missions Agency” with the missionary’s name on the memo line so that the contribution can be properly applied to the intended missionary.  The checks should be mailed to: EBC Missions Agency, P.O. Box 160, Sedgwick, Maine 04676.
  • Send receipts in a timely fashion for all contributions received for EBCMA missionaries (as long as the source is known). Receipts are sent either by electronic email or regular mail, depending on the address  information the donor provided to EBCMA.
  • A general fund will be maintained to take care of operational expenses of the EBC Missions Agency. This general fund will maintain a balance between $250.00 and $500.00.  If the balance depletes below $250.00, money will be transferred from the “Missions Fund” of Eggemoggin Baptist Church to restore the EBC Missions Agency general fund to $500.00.
  • Keep the missionaries informed of the contributions received for their ministries along with the source of the contributions.
  • Disburse contributions received to the appropriate missionary. These contributions are electronically transferred to the missionary’s personal bank account from the EBCMA bank account in the amounts and frequency specified by the missionary.  The missionary provides EBCMA with the account information where they want their contributions deposited.  Electronically transferring funds enables the missionaries to have more timely access to their funds.
  • Prepare annual 10-99 forms for the missionaries. Each missionary is responsible for setting aside the funds necessary to meet their federal and state tax obligations.
  • Give missionaries access to their EBCMA account on the EBCMA computer program so they can view their account information. The missionary is provided a password that enables them to access their EBCMA records.  Each missionary will only be able to see their own account information and not the information of other missionaries.

 Current Missionaries assisted by EBC Missions Agency: 

  • Joshua and Rachel Van Trump serving the Lord as “Open Door Ministries” to plant new Independent and fundamental Baptist Churches in Maine communities where no such churches exist. Joshua Van Trump can be reached by calling his “Open Door Ministries” phone at 207-325-1368 or by sending an email to: